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Healthy Food Production

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The course is designed for students to acquire the required knowledge and skills of healthy food production in a simulated work setting. Building on the basic knowledge acquired from Home Economics / Technology and Living Curriculum and through a range of hands-on practices of healthy food and drinks production, students experience the entire process of food production; as a result, they will gain a better understanding of the process considerations and foster good work habits and attitudes. Through on-site visits and competitions, students are able to have an in-depth understanding of the authentic working context. The two modules “Social Behaviour” and “Personal and Social Development” enable students to explore their aptitude and develop their generic skills associated with the industry.

Course Content

Year 1 (Total:120 hours)

Module 1: Introduction of Nutrition (18 hours)

  • Food Nutrition and its Benefits to the Body and Skin
  • Importance and Definition of Balanced Diet
  • Understanding the Nutrients
  • Healthy Eating Pyramid
  • Functions of the Different Food Categories

Module 2: Food Hygiene (12 hours)

  • Concepts of Food Safety
  • Safety and Control of Food Production Process
  • Food Hygiene Code
  • Rules on Food Safety
  • Food Quality Control and Safety of Raw Ingredients
  • Personal Hygiene and Industry Image

Module 3: Healthy Food Production (I) (72 hours)

  • Recipe Design and Food Production
  • Introduction of Equipment for Healthy Food Production
  • Principles of Healthy Food Design
  • Healthy Food Production

Module 4: Social Behaviour (18 hours)

  • Career Aptitude
  • Fostering Students’ All-round Development
  • Independent Living Skills

Year 2 (Total:120 hours)

Module 5: Introduction of Healthy Food Industry (18 hours)

  • Trends in Healthy Food Industry
  • Further Development of Healthy Food Industry
  • Business Operation of Different Kinds of Healthy Food Production

Module 6: Healthy Food Production (II) (80 hours)

  • Introduction of Equipment for Healthy Food Production
  • Principles of Healthy Food Design
  • Healthy Food Production

Module 7: Personal and Social Development (18 hours)

  • Career Aptitude
  • Develop generic skills

Module 8: Experiential Learning (4 hours)

  • Healthy Food Production competition
Program Highlights

Course Features

The course places a dual emphasis on both theory and hands-on practice associated with healthy food production. The related knowledge of the industry and the required generic skills of students with intellectual disabilities are integrated into the course framework which aims to well prepare students for their future adult life. The course is designed in accordance with the learning abilities and the learning styles and modes of students with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities. To this end, the course content starts from the basics and is directly related to students’ life so as to make it easy for them to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills.

Through participation in competition, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned in the course; through community interaction, students’ generic skills associated with personal growth are enhanced. In addition, summative assessments are designed to inform learning and teaching. Accordingly, both instructors and students have a better understanding of the students’ learning progress and effectiveness and make appropriate adjustments to meet students’ learning needs.

Articulation Pathway

Upon completion of the course, students are eligible to engage in catering-related work, such as Commis Chef, Waiters / Waitresses, etc.

Entry Information

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Class Arrangements

Mode 1

  • Time: TBC
  • Venue: The Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong – YMCA College of Careers

Mode 2

  • Details will be confirmed between the course provider and schools concerned.


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